Pay It Forward


Doing Some Good By Paying It Forward

Those of us that have been through the seminars have been touched in some special way by our experience with Pathways. Our lives are better, we are more connected to our loved ones, we are more passionate and committed to our dreams. We do this work to make a more positive impact on ourselves and on those who lives we touch. One person at a time, each of us are helping to changing the world.

There are several ways we can “Pay It Forward” to keep this ripple of love and growth going. Please find your way or ways to “Pay It Forward” so that others can experience what you have, and so our impact on the world will keep growing, one new person at a time.

Donate to the Scholarship Fund

Many grads, especially those out of town, ask how they can continue to give back and support Pathways.  The Scholarship Fund offers all graduates an opportunity to be part of a community united by their commitment to ensuring that the Pathways Seminar experience is always available to anyone willing to make that choice.  You can give a one time or monthly donation.  You can also see if your company does Matching Gifts.

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Many of you have special gifts or areas of expertise that can support Pathways in spreading the ripple of love while growing and expanding. Whether you are Staffing in the seminars, help out in the Office, man the Registration and Celebration tables, or help out with Events or Special Projects such as writing, computers, website, etc. Your love and support are wonderful ways of giving back and supporting the growth of Pathways!

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Event Planning and Executing

We are always looking for champions to propose and plan new events as well as be involved in events that are currently planned to support the Pathways community and raise funds for scholarships. If you are interested in being on an event committee, or if you have an idea for a new event anywhere in the country, please contact Iggy Torres, President or Jacque Leopold, Secretary of the Better World Board at

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Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a program that Amazon offers where they give back to the charity of your choice for purchases you make with Amazon. This is a great program for Pathways to A Better World to continue to raise funds for our Scholarship Program.


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Join us, bring your talents and support us in making the world a safer and more loving place for the children of our world and ourselves!