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“Pathways to A Better World’s Mission is to support the development of and attendance at educational programs
that empower people to lead more enriched, successful and fulfilled lives so our world is a better place
for the children of today and for a thousand generations to come.”


Pathways To A Better World is an IRS-approved 501c(3) non-profit corporation. It has an all-volunteer independent Board of Directors that manages all aspects of this organization, such as making scholarship decisions, creating events for donations and managing the scholarship fund so that 100% of all donations go to scholarships. If you have any questions about Better World, or would like to nominate yourself or someone else to be on the Better World Board, please contact Board Chair, Iggy Torres, at Better_World@PathwaysSeminars.com.

The Scholarship Fund is supported by the graduates of Pathways to Successful Living Seminars. Graduates will often give donations on a monthly, yearly, one time basis or create something with their place of business called “Matched Giving” where the company that they work for matches their giving. In addition to the gifts received from the graduates we create events to raise money for the Scholarship Fund. We have created things like Pathways Idol, Silent Auctions and Family Picnics that have supported the fund over the years.

We would love to have you join us by getting involved and supporting Pathways to A Better World, in creating a Legacy for those that follow in your footsteps.

Jeffrey B. Paige

Seemingly everyone who had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Paige has had a similar tale to report:

“It’s almost as if he looked right inside me. He sees through all of the ‘mess’ that is my life and envisions something better and brighter…”

Jeff Paige had an ear that was somehow attuned to the visions and dreams of the thousands of people he met and coached as co-founder and facilitator of the Pathways to Successful Living seminar program (alongside his wife, Sue, also a facilitator). Jeff worked as President and spokesperson of the organization from 1985 until his unexpected death in 2005.

Over the course of those twenty years, Jeff pursued their vision for a better world. He firmly believed that the world would be a better place if only each of us were able to reach our fullest potential. In the process, he supported thousands of people in the process of believing in themselves, redefining their vision of who they wanted to be to the world, and working toward the results that they most wanted in their lives.

Jeff had a special talent for listening: remembering peoples’ names, their dreams, their desires, and the obstacles and frustrations that had interrupted the pursuit of those dreams. While many of us have developed the self-deprecating habit of running ourselves down for even having those dreams in the first place, Jeff had a way of honoring those visions in such a way that they seemed, no longer ridiculous, but actually possible and within reach.

Growing up as a “child of the 60’s,” Jeff found himself distraught over the violence of the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement. He developed a belief that, one person at a time, we could change the world, just as a single drip of water in a pond creates a wave, the impact of which would change that entire pond. He firmly believed that in the process of each individual living up to their highest vision of their own potential, that we might stop injustice, prejudice and abuse of all kinds, and, thereby, change the world.

And while this all sounds, and is, very serious, perhaps one characteristic that no one can forget about Jeff is his full-throated, uninhibited laugh. Often, finding himself in the thick of what was, to a given student, an anxious, paralyzing crisis… the irony of the self-imposed box within which this student was frozen, would strike Jeff in the height of its absurdity, and the peals (and snorts) of laughter that gleefully emerged, would remind us all of the grand incongruities of life, and release the cork from the bottle of tension in the room.

In collaboration with his partner and wife, Sue Paige (who has maintained this mission in the years since Jeff’s passing), Pathways was created as a series of weekend seminars and business seminars that would reawaken students to long-suppressed voices within themselves through meditation, one-on-one and group expression, and a series of exercises designed to liberate the spirit from the heavy “boulders” that had accumulated over a lifetime. In the course of the Pathways experience, students would find the liberation of their own potential, a strategy for self-reliance and a vision for their own roles as leaders within their own individual domains.

In the course of this work, tens of thousands of people learned to dream, achieve, love unconditionally and create the results that they most wanted in their lives. Those many people have touched and impacted the people in their lives.

Thanks to Jeff and Sue, there is a living legacy of these many thousands, whose renewed belief has spread to children, spouses, family, co-workers, followers and fellow travelers… a powerful wave of the “ripple” that started out as a series of isolated drops in the pond of life.

And the world is a better place… because one man relentlessly and joyfully chased down a vision to make it better.

One of Jeff’s students, Tim Mooney (who was inspired to pursue his career as an actor and author through Pathways, and Jeff’s leadership) wrote this poem in honor of Jeff’s 45th birthday…

He Honors What You Say

There is a man out there I love,
He stands for life engaged,
He’s one you cannot talk long of
Without becoming Paiged.

He hangs in with you at your side
Long after some have left,
And when you feel restoring pride
You’ll know that you’ve been Jeffed.

He coaxes you to “check that out.”
Without a reprimand,
Cheers “absolutely” and “no doubt,”
And then “Give him a hand”

It’s not just that he knows your name,
But really more the way
He doesn’t challenge what you claim,
He honors what you say.

So many times nobody listens,
You feel you’ve not been heard,
Encouraged in your goals and missions,
He takes you at your word.

And when you touch upon your dream
That secret held so tight,
Accomplishment will start to seem
Like something that you might.

And when these dreamers get together
If many, or if few,
Before long it will seem whatever
They think of might be true.

And once that truth starts swirling round
With all their good intentions,
There are results to which they’re bound
In actions and inventions.

The world to him is like a pond,
And every little drip’ll
Create an impact far beyond
With each ensuing ripple.

It isn’t just he knows your name,
It’s really more the way
He doesn’t challenge what you claim,
He honors what you … what I say.

There’s thousands there whose lives he’s touched
So many that he’s mentored
Those classes to his heart he’s clutched
Some millions that he’s centered.

So certain am I of his heart
In which my soul immerses
I don’t delay here to impart
My simple, soulful verses.

It isn’t just he knows my name,
It’s really more the way
He doesn’t challenge what I claim,
He honors what I say.