Jeffrey B. Paige Scholarship

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Application Information

In order to receive a scholarship your applications must first be filled out in detail. If applying for a Basic Seminar Scholarship you need to fill out the Basic Application. If applying for an Advanced Seminar Scholarship you need to fill out the Advanced Application. We give partial scholarships for Basic and Advanced seminars only. After filling out the appropriate application for the seminar in which you plan on attending, please fill out the scholarship application.

In order for the Scholarship Committee to review your application it must include the following:

  • A Basic or Advanced Application (depending on which seminar you are applying for)
  • A Scholarship Application
  • A deposit of $100.00

Be sure to fill out each application in detail. The more information you have on your applications the better chance you have of receiving a scholarship. Please answer all questions on the scholarship application giving as much information as possible. Once all of these are received the Committee will review your applications and let you know what you will be awarded.