Donor Testimonials

Testimonials from Pathways to a Better World Donors!

Dear Pathways to a Better World Board,

Making a donation to the Scholarship Fund was a no brainer for me. Having gone through Basic and Advanced in 2013, I have seen so many changes in my life….in how I respond to people and situations around me, as well as in how others interact with me.

When I first agreed to go to Pathways Basic (it took some convincing!), I went in with one goal that I wanted to focus and work on. At the end of the weekend, I came out a changed man in ways I could never have imagined. I likened my experience of the seminar to running into a store intending to buy a T-shirt and somehow coming out with a full wardrobe.

I was lucky to have been able to sponsor a friend who attended both Basic and Advanced in 2014. Before she signed up for Basic, she told me that what peaked her interest in Pathways were the changes she saw in me more than anything I actually told her about the seminars.Donor Testimonials - Sean Ocenida It really hit home for me how the seminars were continuing to impact me and my life in ways I wasn’t even conscious of! Seeing first-hand how the seminar impacted her made me realize how fulfilling it was to share these seminars with others.

Being so far geographically from the seminar locations, I have a relatively small pool of people that can attend the seminars without the added expense of travel so I felt that the Scholarship Fund was the perfect way for me to give back. While I’d love for all my friends and family to attend the courses, the next best thing for me is knowing that any contribution I make to the fund will provide the financial assistance to help others get the same life changing experiences that I had by attending the seminars. It’s one of the easiest ways I can express my love and gratitude to Pathways and help keep paying it forward.

Sean O’Cinneide

Dear Pathways to a Better World Board,Donor Testimonials - Bruce Bloom

I want thank you for the support you give to students who want to learn from the Pathways to Successful Living Seminars, but can’t afford to pay for all of the tuition.  I have invited a number of my friends and family and co-workers to take advantage of the life changing tools and support provided by the Pathways seminars.  A few of them felt they could not attend because of their financial situation.  I told them about the Jeffrey B. Paige Scholarship Fund at Better World, and with the scholarship they received, they were able to attend.  I selfishly want more of the people I live with and work with to attend so that more people in my life are living more fulfilled, successful and loving lives.  That has a huge impact on them, on me and on the world around us.  Thanks again to the donors to the Scholarship Fund and for your part in making the scholarships possible. 

Dr. Bruce Bloom

Dear Pathways to a Better World Board,

I really don’t have the words to express what a profound difference Pathways has had on my life and the lives around me. Since attending Basic in 2011, I completely transformed my personal and professional relationships by creating the close bonds I’ve always wanted, I learned how to set goals within my reach, achieve them and CELEBRATE, I am taking risks and feeling the FI-YAH I have been missing my whole life and the best part – I learned how to love unconditionally and LET IT OUT. 🙂 My marriage is stronger than ever because of the communication tools Pathways has given me.

I am eternally grateful! I have discovered a new passion and levDonor Testimonials - Courtney Weidnerel of FUN in my business again and it shows because I’m GROWING!! In the last 2 years, I have hired 2 additional full time employees and 2 producers and my business is growing faster than I can keep up! Last year, I grew my business by 11% in 2012 and 2013 is already on track to grow by another 15%. I have sent my staff through the seminars as well and we have such a tight, productive team!

When I look back, I am really in awe of what I have created in my life… I understand what it means to be the master of my own destiny – if I want it, I can make it happen! (with lots of loving support, of course!) I believe in giving back to people that have made such an impact in my life and Pathways is DEFINITELY at the top of the “this is the best thing I’ve ever done” list. I want the ripple to continue to spread, so I “pay it forward” by making monthly donations to the scholarship fund. I am honored to contribute to a cause that makes the world a better place, one person at a time.

With all my limitless love,
Courtney Weidner